Knee Pain and Stretching

A simple tip for knee pain is to stretch your quadriceps muscles in the front of your thigh. Many clients I see with knee pain have very tight quadricep muscles. When this results in knee pain, it can develop into a bigger problem with the knee joint becoming irritated and painful. The knee cap is particularly sensitive to tight quadriceps. There may also be some other factors causing the knee pain, such as muscle weakness at the hip, knee and foot. Starting with a regular regimen of stretching is a good start in the recovery process.

Here are two basic quadricep stretches. The beginner stretch is the most basic for people that are really tight. When you can easily perform the standing stretch you can progress to the advanced stretch in a kneeling lunge. In the second stretch, if you cannot hold the foot, use a belt around the lower shin. Aim for a stretch intensity of 5/10 and hold or at least 30 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times or until you feel the muscle has loosened-up.

1.The Beginner Stretch.

Knee Pain Stretch 2 - Toronto Pilates


2. The Advanced Stretch.

Knee Pain Stretch 1 - Toronto Pilates

There should not be any pain when stretching. If your knee pain is not resolving it is always advisable to see a Physiotherapist for an assessment of your knee injury.

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