Which Gluteal Exercises?

Which Gluteal exercises are the best for hip and knee stability?
Gluteal exercises are prescribed for many hip and knee injuries, where the gluteals are not stabilizing the pelvis and leg correctly. A typical scenario I see in Pilates and physiotherapy is the hip rotating inwards causing mechanical problems at the knee and the foot. I see this a lot in runners with the knees coming too close together, or the pelvis dropping too much when the weight is on one leg.

A study in 2013 used fine-wire electrodes to determine which exercises are the most effective in activating the gluteal muscles. The conclusion was that the clam, side-stepping, hip extension in quadruped and bridging (using both and one leg) were the most effective for the gluteal muscle activation.

The full article is referenced in the following journal:
J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 2013;43(2):54–64.

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