Physio Pilates Classes

Discover our Unique Approach of Combining Pilates and Physiotherapy



After your initial assessment, your treatment sessions will comprise the combination of physiotherapy treatment and Pilates exercises. Sessions are either 45 or 60 minutes depending on pain and how much exercise your injury/condition can tolerate. Classes are based on the assessment findings and are part of your treatment plan. Treatment sessions use the classic Pilates equipment for exercise rehabilitation and all Physio-Pilates classes are taught by your physiotherapist.

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At Pilates4Physio, you receive a unique approach to physical rehabilitation.

Patients do better with one-on-one guided rehabilitation, particularly when pain is limiting. Innovative physical therapy is about using the current research for each injury and applying it to each individual. Our team always stays up to date with current thinking and research so that you are getting the best treatment.Each patient for us is a project. We look at all the treatment options that will work best for you.

Our innovative physical therapy approach includes using manual therapy techniques with state of the art Pilates rehabilitation. We bring to you highly skilled physiotherapists in manual and exercise skills. Our physiotherapist is a STOTT Pilates rehabilitation instructor, trained in Canada. They also have advanced manual therapy skills from Canada and the UK.



Here are two examples of what a physio-pilates class will include. Click here for our physio-pilates services

  • Lower Back Rehabilitation:
    Depending on how acute your back injury is, you may receive some manual therapy or soft tissue techniques. Most lower back conditions do well with early mobility. We take you through some simple exercises and see how your back responds. This will help us determine which movements will be best for you. The equipment allows numerous modifications so we can find the right exercise for you. We determine which home exercises will be suitable so that we can progress you at your next treatment session.
  • Knee Rehabilitation:

    Treatment sessions for knees may include exercises for the hips and feet as well as your knees. Some common knee injuries need strengthening of the hip, pelvis and feet. We look at your biomechanics and muscle imbalances, and build a program for your injury. We use the reformer which looks like a leg press. This provides progressive resistance for the knee joint. The equipment allows us to work all the muscles that act on the hip, knees and feet.

    You strengthen each joint and then we combine them so that you integrate the knee, hip and foot. Pilates allows rehabilitation to be functional or sport-specific. This can vary from just being able to walk pain-free or being able to run 5K.

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Can I claim physio-pilates classes on my insurance?

Yes, you can. When there are clear treatment goals, all modalities used are claimed as physiotherapy.

How often do I need to come?

We find patients have a quicker recovery when we see them once per week on average. We also provide you with home exercises so that you can progress between sessions.

Can I do Pilates rehabilitation if I am in pain?

Yes, you can. We use gentle movements to settle down joints that are flared-up.

We find movements that relieve pain. Manual therapy also helps with pain.

Will this cure my problem?

At Pilates4Physio we don’t just treat symptoms. Our approach is to get to the root of your injury/condition. This may take more time, but will prevent chronic or persistent problems in the future.