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Pain Management using Manual Therapy, Sports Massage, Pilates-Based Exercise, Movement Therapy, Pain Science.

We are open for In-Person visits with full infection control measures to keep you safe. We also continue to offer virtual/video directed care if you prefer.


This is how we are keeping you safe:


We are a private small practice so one therapist, one patient at a time, no overlap of patients.


For hands-on manual therapy, we wear masks, gloves, additional protection and clean clothes for each patient. We also wear gloves and a visor if needed.


For Pilates and Physiotherapy exercise instruction we keep as much distance as possible and wear masks.


Patients must wear a mask of their choice or purchase one from us. Mask breaks are allowed with 6 feet distancing.


All equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each patient.


We clean the bathroom and all touch surfaces between patient.


We screen you the day before and when you enter for Covid related symptoms.


Patients wear clean clothes for the session. Not travelled in.


We can let you into the building if you do not want to touch the entry phone or door handles. Just let us know what you prefer.

We are following the infection control measures recommended by Ontario Public Health and The College of Physiotherapist of Ontario.


For those who prefer not to visit in person or you may live further away, we are still offering video based care. We have reduced video appointments by 20% from the in-person fees. Scroll below to see our fee table for both in-person and video appointments.

Tele-rehabilitation by video can be simply delivered using a desktop, laptop or tablet with a camera. You can position your device so I can see you for physical assessment and teaching exercise. Because I cannot see you in-person and perform hands-on, I will need to spend more time in your session observing movement and asking questions about pain.

Exercise-based treatment can be performed on the mat, using home props and small equipment. It’s time to get creative with what you have at home !
The combination of Pilates, Physiotherapy and other exercise techniques allow numerous options for rehabilitation, even with just body weight. Video treatment sessions are 45 mins or 60 mins. New assessments are 60 mins.

As an example of using tele-rehabilitation, I was able to determine a patient had a sacroiliac joint problem in her pelvis and not a lower back problem. She was given some exercises to mobilize her pelvis. In her second session she had significantly less pain. She was able to return to her regular activities.

Here are the simple instructions to join a Zoom video meeting:

  1. Click the join link in your email or calendar invitation. I will send this by email.
  2. Depending on your default web browser, you may be prompted to open Zoom. Click open Zoom and the application will run automatically.
  3. You do not need a password to sign in. If I am not in the meeting stay signed-in and wait for me to join. You will see yourself in the video.
Damian Wyard

Please contact us to find out how tele-rehabilitation might work for you. I am available to speak on the phone if you have any questions. If you are in acute pain, please do not hesitate to reach out for support.

I wish everyone the best of health and safety during this difficult time.

Discounted Fees For Live Video Pilates and Physiotherapy

In Person Clinic Live Video
Assessment $130 $104
60 min pilates/physiotherapy $130 $104
45 min pilates/physiotherapy $100 $80
Package Rate 60 mins $120 $96
Package Rate 45 mins $90 $72

All discounted fees commence 13th April 2020 and only apply for video assessment and treatment sessions. Fees can be changed at anytime. In person fees at the clinic are unchanged.

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Our Services

Why Pilates And Physiotherapy?

Damian Wyard combines the science of physiotherapy with Pilates in Downtown Toronto, to rehabilitate the spine and peripheral joints. He works with over-use injuries, sports injuries, lower back and neck pain. He provides one-on-one rehabilitation instruction on the classic equipment and supplements this with home exercises. After working in other physiotherapy clinics Damian saw that patients were struggling with basic home programs and not getting better. Many injuries need a gradual re-loading approach to avoid making it worse, but strengthening the sensitive tissue. The Pilates equipment allows painful joints to be supported, while providing resistance and gradual re-loading of the injury. Some conditions require more complex cuing/correction to break old movement patterns that perpetuate pain.

Sports Injuries

Many muscle/tendon sports or over-use injuries need gradual reloading/strengthening of the painful tissue.

Treating Pain

Read how we treat acute and persistent pain differently, using gradual re-loading of painful joints and tissue.

Prolonged Lower Back & Neck Pain

Most lower back and neck injuries do well with early movement-based rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy And Pilates

Physiotherapy and Pilates can help with lower back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. We can advise on safe aerobic, strengthening and movement programs.

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Keeps You in Balance

Pilates-based rehabilitation by a Physiotherapist in Downtown Toronto

We have two programs of care, depending on the nature of your injury and condition. All sessions are one-on-one by either our Physiotherapist/Stott Pilates Rehabilitation Instructor and also our Senior Pilates Instructors. Treatments are not limited to Pilates-based exercise. We also treat using manual therapy: joint and soft tissue mobilizations; taping and pain management techniques. Your physiotherapist will advise you what treatment program is best for your injury/condition.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions all physiotherapy treatments and follow-ups will be by delivered directly by your physiotherapist. There are no follow-up sessions with Pilates instructors. If you prefer virtual/video appointments, these consists of matwork, body-weight, yoga and Pilates exercises. We can use equipment and props you have at home. It’s time to get creative! Therapeutic exercise is shown to be the most effective solution for acute and chronic pain.

Physiotherapist/Pilates Rehabilitation Instructor Program of Care

All sessions are one-on-one and provided by a registered physiotherapist who is also a Stott Pilates rehabilitation instructor. You are able to claim Pilates-based physiotherapy under your private insurance plan when it is provided by a registered physiotherapist. There must be a treatment plan for an injury or condition that requires some rehabilitation. Preventative Pilates sessions to avoid injury and improve general fitness are also covered. As long as there are some treatment goals based on the assessment, you can claim the sessions under physiotherapy. Preventative goals could be to avoid back pain or improve your posture. General strengthening and flexibility are also appropriate physiotherapy goals and would be covered under your insurance.

Pilates Instructor Program of Care:

These sessions are provided by our senior Pilates instructors. You are also covered by insurance when your physiotherapist delegates the sessions to an instructor. If you have more general goals and your pain levels are low, you may not need to see the physiotherapist each time for your sessions. Treatment for some chronic conditions, postural issues, or for general strengthening and flexibility, can be supervised by our senior Pilates instructors. Your physiotherapist will still do the assessment and the first treatment session. The physiotherapist is still responsible for your program and there is close communication between you, your instructor and the physiotherapist. You will see the physiotherapist for re-assessment every 3-4 weeks, depending on your needs. Your physiotherapist will advise you which program is more suitable for you in your initial assessment.

If you require more hands-on treatment and your injury/condition is more complex, your physiotherapist will directly supervise all your treatment.

Want to know more about your injury or condition? Free 5 minute phone consultation with a physiotherapist.

Our College does not allow us to advertise client testimonials on our website. If you would like a free 5 minute consultation on the phone with registered physiotherapist Damian Wyard, you can call 647 499 6685.  Leave a message and he will call back.



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