Private Pilates Downtown Toronto

At Pilates4Physio, we use Pilates to treat a variety of conditions and injuries. We offer private classes in Downtown Toronto, taught by physiotherapists and certified Pilates instructors.


At Pilates4Physio in Downtown Toronto we use Pilates as our main rehabilitation method.

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the UK in the first World War. He used simple equipment to rehabilitate injured soldiers in Hospital. In the 1920’s he moved to New York and developed his method further. It became a popular exercise and rehabilitation technique with the major dance companies at the time.

Joe Pilates studied both Eastern and Western exercise methods. He was ahead of his time thinking about core stabilizing muscles and how the mind and body are integrated. Important principles include strengthening, stretching, core control, lower back and trunk strengthening, pelvic and hip strengthening, upper back strengthening, body alignment and mental precision during movement.

Based on current research Pilates is still an effective and versatile rehabilitation method. For example, current thinking supports dynamic strengthening for spinal and neck pain. This is the combination of mobility with strengthening. The Pilates equipment allows mobility with resistance.

The equipment facilitates healing with gradual strengthening while managing pain levels.

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  • Pilates is an effective rehabilitation method when combined with the science of physiotherapy. We combine manual therapy to improve overall results.
  • Pilates is more effective when used with the classic equipment. At Pilates4Physio we use the reformer, the cadillac-tower and chair, barrels and springs, various pilates props, upper back strength, spinal mobility, breath control, mental concentration.
  • Pilates includes strengthening, stretching, balance, core stability, spinal strengthening, peripheral joint strength for sports injuries, lower back and neck pain, knee, hip and shoulder injuries and conditions.
  • Pilates works for sports injuries, lower back and neck pain, knee, hip and shoulder injuries and conditions. Pilates works for most muscle and joint problems seen in a physiotherapy clinic.

Pilates taught by our physiotherapist at our Toronto location.

All treatments and Pilates classes are taught one on one by your physiotherapist who is also a certified Pilates rehabilitation instructor. All exercises are crafted to manage your condition and modified as you progress. Private Pilates is also offered for general fitness goals: strengthening, mobility, flexibility etc.  Pilates can be claimed as a modality (like massage or manual therapy), when it is part of your physiotherapy treatment plan.

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Can I do Pilates if I am in pain?

Yes, you can. Gentle movement is an effective pain management tool.

We also include taping, manual therapy and sports massage in the acute painful stage of any injury.

Can I do Pilates at any age?

Yes indeed. We see clients in their teenage years and in their 80’s. All programs are individualized depending on age and other underlying conditions.

Can I claim Pilates rehabilitation on my private insurance?

Yes, you can. Pilates is used as a physiotherapy modality at Pilates4Physio where there are clear treatment goals for each patient. Most treatment plans have an active exercise component. Your insurance receipts will indicate you attended a ‘physiotherapy’ appointment (assessment or treatment)

Can I do Pilates if I have arthritis?

Yes, you can. The Pilates equipment is ideal for arthritic joints. The equipment supports the joints while you gently strengthen. Graduated strengthening is facilitated by the use of springs, straps and props. Studies have shown that therapeutic exercise does not to cause further joint damage.